Do you feel self conscious about the appearance of your smile? Veneers are thin and durable shells made of tooth-colored porcelain that attach to the front of your teeth, hiding cracks, chips, stains, and gaps.

This cosmetic solution is incredibly versatile and long-lasting. Each porcelain veneer is custom crafted to fit your mouth and match seamlessly with your surrounding teeth for a natural and beautiful look.


Bonding is a conservative way to conceal and correct minor smile flaws such as gaps or chipped teeth. The end result is similar to what is possible with porcelain veneers, but the entire procedure is completed in a single appointment using tooth-colored material.

Teeth Bleaching

You would be surprised at how easy it is to brighten your smile with bleaching treatments. We offer take-home treatments using Opalescence products with either stock or custom tray options.


Botox is a nonsurgical treatment that helps temporarily decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help reduce the discomfort associated with TMJ disorders and migraines. If you are interested in being treated, you can schedule this option to be added at the end of an existing appointment.