Nobody likes cavities. But if you do have some decay, we have good news. At Owings and Sam Dentistry we offer tooth-colored fillings made from a durable composite material. These fillings help your teeth both aesthetically and functionally, so you can enjoy a more beautiful, stronger smile. All of the filling materials we use are of the highest quality.


Crowns are the most definitive tooth restoration. Our crowns are made with the strongest and most sought after material on the market today. Over 90% of our crowns can be made same day in our office, which allows our patients to receive the best dental care in just one appointment.


Fixed bridges are a fast way to replace missing teeth. The adjacent teeth to a missing tooth are used to help anchor the newly created tooth in place.


We have many years of experience in implant restorations. Implants are an investment of time and finances on the patient’s part. Therefore, we work with our local oral surgeons to ensure the success of an implant restoration.

Root Canals

Root canals can be necessary to save an infected tooth. We work with our local endodontists to ensure the success of this treatment. These procedures are treated with microscopes, verifying the prognosis of each tooth needing to be treated.